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Wanna be part of the team?


Well, *BOP* does not currently conduct regular trial sessions. However, if you want to apply directly you can do so by contacting the COR (Chief Of Recruitment) of the corresponding section. If you want to apply for more than one section contact the COR of the section you're most interested/active in. All further details will be arranged by the COR and the corresponding Section-CO.
You may of course also contact any other member of *BOP* on a server or via IRC (Quakenet #birdsofprey) and ask them to pass your request to the COR or CO. In fact it is most probable that we will contact you if you do good on a server or you're just somewhat sympathic to us. We'd like to point out that although of course we're glad if we can really reinforce our team we basically value sympathy and potential higher than pure skill.
So if you think you match the profile go ahead and give it a try. You will find the COR's data on the roster.